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Securing Your Home for Vacation

Uncategorized / March 23, 2011

Planning to go out of town for spring break? Watch for six steps to help secure your home while on vacation.

Secure Home Step 1: Let trusted neighbors know you are leaving and ask them to keep an eye on your home. Give them your insurance agent’s phone number in case of damage to your home.

Secure Home Step 2: Ask someone to pick up your mail and newspaper, or stop those deliveries for the duration of your trip.

Secure Home Step 3: Set your outside lights so one stays on at night, and put timers on your indoor lighting so they go on and off at random intervals.

Secure Home Step 4: Trim overgrown hedges and bushes so thieves don’t have an easy place to hide.

Secure Home Step 5: Lock all doors and windows. A quality deadbolt is a great defense against intruders.

Secure Home Step 6: In addition to taking steps to secure your home, it’s just as important to know what not to do. Don’t hide a spare key outside, don’t record a phone greeting saying you’re on vacation, and never announce your travel plans on social networking sites.

In addition to these security tips, you can also minimize any water damage losses by turning off your water at the main. That way, any leaks or breaks in a pipe will not continually run while you are away.

These few, easy ideas can guarantee that your return won’t be ruined by unexpected losses. The key to a relaxing vacation is knowing that your home and possessions are safe and secure.