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Safety and Loss Prevention Tips for Flooding

Uncategorized / March 10, 2011

With more heavy rain headed this way, here are some tips for dealing with flooding..

Flood Safety Item 1: Keep a battery-operated radio in your home so you can listen to any flood alert broadcasts. Be sure to keep plenty of batteries on-hand.

Flood Safety Item 2: Have a battery-backup sump pump installed and check it regularly for proper operation.

Flood Safety Item 3: Keep bottled water in your home. Public water sources and wells often become contaminated during a flood and clean drinking water can become scarce.

Flood Safety Item 4: Keep a supply of canned food in your home. During a flood, you and your family may not be able to leave your house for several days. Plan ahead by having plenty of non-perishable food on-hand.

Flood Safety Item 5: Keep several flashlights with extra batteries in your home in case your power goes out.

If you have property in your basement, consider raising off the floor or, if possible, take it to a higher floor.  Remember, your Homeowners Policy DOES NOT cover Flood.  You can puuchase coverage for overflow of a Sump Pump.  Call us to review this important coverage!