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Hurricane Preparedness

Uncategorized / August 26, 2011

This weekend poses a major threat to the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys.  Please take a moment to prepare yourself so that damage is minimized to your home, auto, and business.

First, please take all weather warnings seriously.  We have seen many unfortunate situations caused by people who believe they know better.  Stay inside and keep your pets with you.  If you’d feel more secure, stay with a friend, or leave the immediate area prior to the storm.

That said, the major issues to be aware of with this storm is wind and water.

  • Please bring in or secure any outdoor property that you may have – homeowners, this means patio or deck furniture, play sets, flags, poles, grills, toys, plants, etc.  These items can be damaged AND with enough wind, can become projectiles, causing more damage.  Business owners, this includes freestanding signs and inventory.
  • Check your roof for any loose shingles and gutters.  Check gutters for blockage.
  • Make sure all windows close properly and do not leave gaps.
  • Check sump pump now!  Think about a battery backup or generator.
  • Flood is NOT covered under your Homeowners policy and most business policies. Take important items off the floor of the lowest level to protect from water damage.
  • Put vehicles in garage, if you have one.
  • Power may go out.  Have flashlights with fresh batteries.  Provide for alternate storage of perishable items via ice filled coolers.
  • Make sure cell phones/laptops are charged.  Have all important numbers in your cell phone.  Our phone numbers, including cell numbers, are below. As well as our website and email addresses.  Also refer to
  • If you have damage, take steps to minimize further damage, if possible.
  • Stay safe!


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