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How to Connect With Women Donors

Uncategorized / April 28, 2011

As RMG Insurance prepares for our 5th Annual Ladies Golf & Gourmet to be held on Thursday September 17th at The Club at Morgan Hill,  we offer the information below that we have used to make our outing a success with our women participants.

Since we started, we have raised over $30,000. for local charities via our outing, focusing on the women in our community to do so.

Enjoy the read!  See our website for more details on our outing.

How Do You Connect With Women 
Donors: The 4 Cs

Note: This article is a summary of a blog from Allyson Kapin of, Care2’s nonprofit online marketing blog and a webinarentitled: The She Spot – Best Practices in Marketing to Women, from Lisa Witter coauthor of the book The She Spot and Morra Aarons-Mele of Women Online.

According to Lisa Witter, co-author of the book  The She Spot – Best Practices in Marketing to Women, and Morra Aarons- Mele of Women Online, women are the market for changing the world. “Women have numerical advantages,” said Witter and Mele. The average profile of a volunteer in the US is a working mother.

Surprised? Check out these stats.

  • Women give more to nonprofits than men do.
  • In the last four presidential elections, women voted at higher percentages than men did.
  • Women are connectors. Women are twice as likely to pass on information about your cause. So if your organization is not connecting with women in your campaigns, your nonprofit is missing out on major word of mouth marketing.
  • Women make 83% of consumer purchasing decisions.
  • Latina women are 3.5x more likely to respond to direct mail.
  • 70% of women say that it’s important for companies to engage in corporate social responsibility and be active in their local community.
  • Connecting with women in online social networks is also important, said Mele. Social media allows nonprofits to get to know their audiences because they can engage back and fourth with them real time.
  • Women with children at home are more likely to use social networks then the average adult.
  • Women 55+ are the fastest growing demographic on Facebook – up to 175% growth in the last three months.

How Do You Connect to Women? The 4C’s:

Care:  Show women that you care. Be human. Tell real life stories.

Connect: Women really value community and connections. When your nonprofit connects women to each other, your organization strengthens its brand.

Control:  Women want to be in control. “I think I Can” versus “The Sky is Falling.” They want assurance that they can have an impact.

Cultivated: Women want to be cultivated. While it takes longer to engage women as donors or volunteers, once engaged their commitment is very high. “Don’t just ask for money upfront though, warns Witter.

Cultivate them first. Demonstrate your impact as an organization. Make them feel like they are part of a movement.”

For more information, or to view the slide presentation on The She Spot, visit