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Discounts! Get your Discounts here!

Uncategorized / May 4, 2015

On an annual basis, we review your insurance policies for protection adequacy and applicable discounts. We make sure the insurance companies apply all of the discounts available to your policies.  However, there are always new discounts introduced, and we don’t always have that data in our files to take advantage of them for you.

Below are some of the available discounts.  Please note that not all companies provide the same discounts or in the same percentages.


  • Company Car in Household –please advise Name of Insurance Company/Year, Make & Model of Company Car
  • Good Student – Drivers between ages 16-25 with “B” average or better – need copy of most recent grades
  • Driver Training – Drivers under age 21 – 6 hours of behind the wheel training – need copy of Certificate of Completion
  • Defensive Driving – Drivers over 55 – need copy of Certificate of Completion
  • Affinity Groups – advise if you are employed as a Medical or Education Professional or Firefighter.


  • New Home credit – homes less than 30 years – please advise of year built
  • New Roof Credit – homes over 30 years old with entire new roof within last 15 years. Need date of roof replacement.
  • New Heating/Cooling System Credit  – homes over 30 years old with new heating /cooling system. Need date of installation.
  • Affinity Groups – advise if you are employed as a Medical or Education Professional or Firefighter.
  • Alarm Systems –please advise if you have a Central Station Fire and/or Burglar Alarm system installed.
  • Sprinkler System – please advise if your home has a sprinkler system.

Please also consider the following riders to your policies:


  • Sump Pump/Water Backup coverage if you have a finished basement.  (We’d also recommend a battery-powered backup as well)
  • Sinkhole Coverage for those in Sinkhole prone areas
  • Scheduled Insurance coverage for your valuable Jewelry, Fine Arts and Musical Instruments.

You can also purchase an Umbrella Liability policy which provides an additional $1mil of Liability protection over your Home and Auto Insurance Liability.  Cost is in the $150-$200 range per year for a one home, two car risk. Highly recommended if you have young drivers in the home, a pool or have major assets to protect from lawsuit.

Remember that we also provide Life Insurance for family protection.

Thank you!  You can call us anytime to discuss your insurance coverage.  We are here to help!