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A car crash is the leading cause of death for teenagers

Uncategorized / August 21, 2015

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52% of the deaths of teenage passengers happened in cars driven by another teen

Real-World Case Study: The Risk of Teen Driving

Emily, a 17-year-old, decided to treat her best friend, Taylor, to a movie to celebrate finishing their finals. They were running late and didn’t want to miss the show, so Emily sped down the highway.

She lost control going around a notorious turn and crashed into a car with a family who were heading to a pizza dinner.

Sadly, Taylor passed away at the hospital months later due to serious complications. The family suffered loss of wages, emotional distress and lengthy hospitalizations — and one child had a permanent disability and needed ongoing physical therapy.

Emily’s parents’ standalone personal umbrella policy covered the exorbitant medical bills of all the victims.

Claim: $3 MM

3 Points to remember:

  • A standalone personal umbrella policy adds a critical layer of protection for liability loss exposure.
  • You don’t need to be a millionaire to be sued like one. You could be liable for any injuries resulting from an at-fault, covered auto claim.
  • All licensed drivers in the household or regular use operators must be listed on all policies, including youthful/inexperienced operators.