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Employment Practices Liability 101

employment practices liability insurance

Uncategorized / January 11, 2018

Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) coverage is on the rise – “with the biggest growth coming from small and midsize companies,” according to a recent Washington Post article. The barrage of high-profile sexual misconduct accusations in the news is no doubt fueling the take-up rate, which is already at 41 percent for large firms. In particular, […]

Experience Modification Factor Myths and Facts

Uncategorized / September 21, 2017

MYTH #1 Insureds in a high risk class of business will always have a high mod. FACT #1 Most top markets offer loss control services, which help reduce the frequency and severity of claims for any class of business. MYTH #2 All carriers would handle the same claim the same way. FACT #2 Some carriers […]

Return of the Agent: Why DIY Does Not Work for Insurance

Uncategorized / August 7, 2017

The concept of “do it yourself” – or DIY – has caught on in many areas of the consumer economy during the past decade. Insurance is no different. People are taking it upon themselves, in notable numbers, to find and buy their policies. As reported by the Insurance Journal, Independent Agents wrote almost 35% of personal […]

Reducing the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse

Uncategorized / July 6, 2017

According to multiple studies, one out of four girls and one out of six boys will be sexually abused before they reach the age of eighteen.1 Protecting the children your organization supports from a sexual perpetrator is paramount in importance. Given the trust-based nature of this crime, it can be very difficult to detect dangerous behavior(s) until it is too […]

Do you really understand group long-term disability?

disability insurance / June 21, 2017

Most Americans do not have disability insurance in their employee benefit package, but those who do may have a false sense of security. When approached about disability insurance, many are quick to say: “I have disability insurance coverage at work.” Have you ever really done an examination of just what your benefit might look like? Question […]