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What our Clients are Saying....


“I wish to thank you both Ron and Mish for all your help that you provided to me as my term as President of the BSP in serving as our Agents. Thank you! I can truly say you always kept me informed and updated concerning our insurance. Please continue your wonderful service." -- Harry Schmeider , President of The Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania 

“...I sincerely appreciate your efforts on our behalf! Thank you very much. It's this kind of service from you and Mish that keeps us at RMG Insurance - and you can quote me on that.” -- Andrea Wittchen- iSpring Associates

"Mish, Excellent meeting yesterday. As I told you, you not only did a great job of explaining the insurance issues, but you had an excellent grasp of our organization. Look forward to working with you in the future. -- Chris Loomis, Risk Committee Chair, Advocates for the Homeless and Those in Need

"Mish, I have been involved in one way or another with Insurance Companies for all of my adult life and that’s now boarding on 60 years (Oh Good Lord say it isn’t so). BUT …NEVER have I had any Insurance Company call me following any kind of a storm and ask if I needed anything. THAT’S DIFFERENT!!!

Usual just the opposite is true … you can’t get them to answer a phone when there has been a problem.

And Ron putting out the email that warned that phones were down in Bethlehem and providing cell contact numbers blew my mind … but your personal call was the topper. I’ve played it to about 6 or 8 of my friends (Yes I do have that many) … and the reaction is the same … “Who is this company?” Incredible … and far more appreciated that can be conveyed in this email.”  -- Dick McAteer – Easton

“Ron Martin- not just my insurance guy but now a friend! He is sincere and truly cares about you and the success of my business. Checks in periodically just to see how we all are doing. Insurance buying was never so easy. Thanks, Ron.” -- J. and D. Morgan, Monkey's Uncle, Doylestown Pa. 

“Mish does an excellent job of ensuring the best possible coverage at the best possible price; she's an incredible asset to us. Mish's great service is matched only by her personality. It makes working with her not only enjoyable, but something to look forward to." -- D. Karner, The Club at Morgan Hill

"Mish understands the nonprofit business and its unique needs for coverage.   She's knowledgeable about the companies she represents and has always managed to find a good fit for us at a reasonable price... Teri has always provided wonderful customer
service and responds to our requests immediately. We've found comparable rates with other agencies but the customer service is what keeps us as clients." - E. Welch, Executive Director of the Bucks County Blind Association

"I've been at the Da Vinci Discovery Center for 4 years. I was given the responsibility of managing our insurance policies soon after arriving at the center. If it weren't for Mish it would have been a nightmare trying to understand all of our policies. She made it easy to understand and was/is always available to answer questions. If I have any problem, large or small, Mish is a phone call away. I have the added bonus of using Mish as my personal insurance agent as well. --- J. Countess, Director of Business Operations, DaVinci Discovery Center

"I have been involved in one way or another with Insurance Companies for 60 years... BUT…NEVER have I had any Insurance Company call me following any kind of a storm and ask if I needed anything. THAT’S DIFFERENT!!!..."
--Dick McAteer, Easton, Pa.




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