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Independent Insurant Agent

What Would I Be Sued For?

Ever have to fire someone? Organizations are now more likely to be sued for discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination than to suffer a general liability or property loss. In addition, Directors and Officers must always act for the benefit of their organization, avoid any conflicts of interest, and exercise the utmost skill and care in decision-making. Any perceived breach of these duties can result in a suit that will at the very least incur defense costs. Our product offers separate limits of liability for Directors and Officers and Employment Practices Liability claims as well as defense costs outside the limit of liability.*


*source: Gateway Specialty Insurance. 



Did your Organization Experience a Data Breach?  Here are some tips to help prevent a recurrence..

Think an Employment Practices Liability Lawsuit Won't Happen to Your Business? Here's a recent lawsuit that may make you think again.

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